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2017-01-29 12:33 pm

Miho Nishizumi|Girls und Panzer|Barways

There's a rumble in the air when the door opens, the kind that comes from large, large amounts of metal making good time under diesel power.

There's also the smell of salt spray on the breeze.

"What" observes Miho.

It is, she feels, a fair question.
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2016-04-05 07:49 pm
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WO1 Stewart Scott | The Secret Return of Alex Mack | Mostly Bar, but flexible

A moment ago he wasn't there, but now he is. A white man, very fit, in his early thirties wearing a suit. Stewart Scott has, as the saying goes, seen a lot of shit.
Some of it he's even been paid for.

...Not this though.

"Damnit,"he says squeezing his eyes shut and opening them again then, very carefully, putting his pistol away inside his suit, "That'll teach me to go to the nice parties."

(Stewie is from here, which is a multi-cross fanfic that involves BtVS, SG:SG1, tWSoAM, DC comics and various other franchises that couldn't get out of the way before being Katamari-ed into the bundle. Stewie is also a professional liar. Sorry.)
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2013-08-11 08:26 am

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This is a test
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2012-01-22 12:39 pm

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The land around a fortress is different.
The trees are managed, the grass is grazed and roads stretch out to preserve both from stray boots.
Skullknife takes it's name from the high chalk cliffs the fortress is carved into and it's seams of iron ores not far below. Be you part of besieging army, a diplomat here to open relations or a trader in your season there is something for you here.

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2009-08-20 06:25 am

Truth RP meme - DE

Feel free to question:

Jerry Lukacs (Pyramid Scheme)[ profile] mything_person

Yuuno Scrya (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)[ profile] magic_ferret

Tyler Darrow (NightLife: RPG) [ profile] aleister_author

and Izumi Ako (Negima!) [ profile] seat_five_girl

And receive the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the crack.